Mount Diablo Firefighters Golf Club

Established 1963















 The club shall be comprised of firefighter members and non firefighter members.  A firefighter member is defined as a person who is currently employed in any capacity by a fire department or who has retired from a position with a fire department.  All other members are considered non-firefighter members.

A member in good standing is a member who is not delinquent in any dues or assessments and is a member in good standing with the NCGA.

Both firefighter members and non-firefighter members have equal voting privileges and may hold any club office. Both types of members have the same rights at all club functions.  Both may compete in and win all prizes in any club sponsored tournament.  Both may accumulate points toward club prizes.  Non firefighter members have all of the rights and privileges of firefighter members with the exception that only firefighter members may become club champions.



A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the firefighter member who earns the highest point total by the end of the tournament year.  Points are awarded for each tournament played within the constraints listed in these by laws.  For the purpose of awarding prizes for individual tournaments, points shall be awarded to both firefighter and nonfirefighter members according to the schedule below. 


1st Place = 12 points

2nd Place = 11 points

3rd Place = 10 points

↓      ↓          ↓     ↓ 

12th and below = 1 point

DNF = 0 points (Started the tournament but Did Not Finish)

Ties at any place will earn the average of the point values for the tied place and the places which follow equal to the number of players that are tied, i.e. should 3 players tie for second place the points for second, third, and fourth place will be averaged and each player will receive that number of points. (In this case (11+10+9)/3 = 10.)  Points following a tie will be awarded in descending order as if there had been no tie. (In this case 12 points for the winner, 10 points for each of the next 3 finishers, and 8 points for the next finisher, etc.)

Should the tournament consist of 10 or 11 players, points will be awarded as described above except that first place will be have a point value equal to the number of players in the tournament.    For example in a tournament of 10 players the 1st place value would be 10, 2nd place 9, etc. 

For tournaments in which there are fewer than 10 players first place will always be worth 9 points and each succeeding place will be worth one less point.  For example a tournament in which there are 6 players; first place will be worth 9 points, second place 8 points and last place 4 points.

Prior to the start of any tournament a player my “opt out” by announcing his intensions to the tournament chairman. By opting out the player will not be considered a participant in the tournament for points purposes.



Tournaments shall be scheduled in such a way as to allow all firefighter members on shift work to have an equal opportunity to participate in the same number of tournaments throughout the year without making trades or taking vacation leave.

All players are encouraged to participate in every tournament, however, for the purpose of establishing the year end standings, players may earn points for only the number of tournaments which are available for each on shift firefighter member to attend.  Once a player has participated in that number of tournaments he may no longer earn points toward the year end standings.  However, the player’s point position in the individual tournament standings will reflect how he performed in the event with no adjustments being made to the standings for the rest of the field regardless of the fact that he has played in all of the tournaments for which he is entitled to earn points.


New members must be sponsored by a firefighter member in good standing.  New members with established handicaps are immediately eligible to participate in all club events. New members who do not have an established handicap may participate in club sponsored events however they may not enter a club sponsored tournament until such time as they establish a NCGA handicap.


Guests who wish to play at club sponsored events are welcome to play but may not enter a club sponsored tournament.


During tournament play all golfers shall adhere to the NCGA Rules of Golf.


 All Club tournaments will be played from the white tees or their equivalent.


When a player reaches 10 strokes on a hole he has the option to pick up and move to the next hole.  The maximum number of championship points the player can receive for that tournament is one.


In club sponsored tournaments a player who is 70 years of age or older has the option to play from the tees just in front of the regular tees if there are four or more tee’s on the course.  In no case will any man have the option of playing the forward most tees.


With regard to interpretation of the rules or disputes during a tournament the decision of the tournament chairman is final.  With regard to interpretation of these by laws, NCGA policy, or disputes between members, the decision of the club president is final.


The rules committee shall be comprised of the current club officers, the current club president, the president elect, and all past club presidents who have participated in at least one tournament in the last year.  The rules committee shall meet annually.  A quorum of the rules committee shall be six including at least two past presidents.  If six members do not qualify to be on the rules committee a quorum shall be all members who qualify.

The rules committee is the sole authority for amending the club by laws, establishing the tournament schedule, and establishing monetary policy including dues structure and disbursement of club funds.


A membership meeting shall be held annually at the end of the fiscal year.  The purpose of this meeting is to conduct an awards ceremony, provide input to the rules committee for possible rules or policy changes, inform members of rules and policy changes, and elect officers. 


The fiscal year for the club shall be November 1 – October 31.


1.  Qualifying for the NCGA Net Amateur Championship (One Person);

The club representative shall be the club member with the highest point total from the previous year who meets the NCGA criteria and holds an index which is equal to or less than the maximum allowed for the tournament.

In the event that the NCGA requires that the club hold a special qualifying tournament to select a club representative for this tournament the President shall determine which of the regularly scheduled tournaments shall be the qualifier.  The winner of that tournament shall then be the club representative

2. Club representatives for all other NCGA championships shall be members who:

a. Have the most points up to the date of the NCGA application deadline and,

b. Have an index equal to or less than the maximum index given by the NCGA for that tournament and,

c. Have not been a Club representative in a previous NCGA tournament during the current year (except the NCGA Net Amateur Championship)

If no candidates can be found who qualifies under these requirements, then requirement b. will be eliminated.

3.  In the event of a tie for any of the NCGA tournaments the following tie breakers shall be used:

                        (1) Fewest number of tournaments attended

                        (2) Either an 18 hole playoff match or another tie breaking method agreed upon

                              by the participants.


The club shall pay the entry fees and cart fees for members representing the club in the final round of a NCGA sponsored championship event.  Such payment is limited to the club treasury maintaining a $200 cash balance.


Membership dues shall be as follows;

 The amount the NCGA charges the club for each member plus $20 per member to go into the club treasury.

Note:  The NCGA charges new members and reinstated members (those who have let their membership lapse) an initiation fee of $10.00 which will be collected along with the annual dues when new members join the club.


The club shall elect the following officers for a one year term at the annual membership meeting; president, tournament chairman, secretary, treasurer, handicap chairman.  The club shall pay the annual membership dues for each of the officers.


The duties and responsibilities of the president are;

            1. To operate the Club within the Club by-laws and the NCGA rules and regulations.

            2. To direct and assist other Club Officers.

            3. To settle disputes between Club members.

            4. To represent the Club.

            5. To act as tournament chairman as necessary.

            6. To oversee the Club website.

            7. To serve on the Rules Committee.

Note:  The club president becomes a life time member of the Rules Committee.  However he must play in at least one club sponsored tournament in a given year in order to sit on that committee.


The duties and responsibilities of the vice president are;

1. To assume the duties of the President in the event the President is unable to perform his duties.

2. To assist all other Club Officers in their duties.

3. To be the presumptive successor to the President at the end of the President’s current term, however, he must be elected President by the general membership at that time.

4. To Chair the annual Match Play Tournament

5. To act as Tournament Chairman as necessary

6. To report to the Club President as necessary

7. To be a member of the Rules Committee


The duties and responsibilities of the Club Handicap Chairman are;

            1.  To submit all adjusted tournament scores to the NCGA.

            2.  To distribute handicap cards to members.

            3.  To maintain point standings along with the Club Secretary.

            4.  To report to the Club President as necessary.

            5.  To act as Tournament Chairman as necessary.

            6.  To maintain current addresses and phone numbers of Club members.

            7.  To submit new member applications to the NCGA

.           8. To administer the annual membership drive.

9. To post tournament results and maintain the current championship point status of all members on the Club website

10. To serve on the Rules Committee.    


The duties and responsibilities of the Club Secretary are;

            1. To maintain minutes of all Club meetings and provide copies to the Club members.

            2. To provide bi-monthly reports of tournament results, and current point standings to the Club members.

            3. To provide for all Club mailings.

            4.  To record amendments made to the by-laws and provide copies to the Club members. .

            5.  To maintain point standings along with the Club Handicap Chairman.

            6.  To report to the Club President as necessary.

            7. To act as Tournament Chairman as necessary.

8.  To post the names of members who sign up to play in club events on the Club website.

 9. To serve on the Rules Committee.


The duties and responsibilities of the Club Treasurer are;

            1. To collect and distribute all Club funds.

            2. To maintain a Club checking account.

            3. To maintain a Club general ledger.

            4. To report the Club financial status at annual meetings.

            5. To report to the Club President as necessary.

            6. To act as Tournament Chairman as necessary.

            7. To serve on the Rules Committee.


            1. To arrange and organize all Club tournaments and events

            2. To serve on the Rules Committee.

            3. To report to the Club President as necessary


In the event a member registers for a tournament and does not attend and the club loses money as a result, the member shall be held responsible for the entire amount of the tournament fee. In the event that a player shows up for a tournament for which he did not register, he can not be guaranteed a spot in the event.


Club members may be disciplined for non-payment of dues or fines and actions that reflect negatively upon the Club.  Disciplinary action may include but is not limited to fines, censure, suspension from club or club events and dismissal from the club.  Disciplinary action may only be taken after a hearing before the Rules Committee.  The member in question may be present at the hearing.  After hearing arguments the Rules Committee will determine if discipline is warranted and, if so, the form of discipline to be administered. Tee Times Logo


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